Tariffs for city

Minimum order:
20 minutes of 300 rubles. Afternoon (07:00 p.m. - 22:00 p.m.) - then 10 rubles.
20 minutes 360 rub. Night (22:00 p.m.— 07:00p.m.) — then 12 rubles minute

(after a minimum time of reservation — 20 minutes) - 10 minutes




20 minutes

300 rub.

360 rub.

30 minutes

400 rub.

480 rub.

Each subsequent
10 minutes

100 rub.

120 rub.


A trip on the Moscow Ring Road and the area:

Submission of a car outside Moscow

15 rubles/km

A trip outside Moscow

rate and 20 rubles/km

A trip on the Moscow Ring Road

rate and 5 rubles/km

- If the Client doesn’t appear during 20 minutes and doesn’t pay for the car demurrage (according to the price rate), the order shall be cancelled and the car shall be directed to another order.
- In case of the client’s refusal from the order in a car arrives to the address, the client shall pay according to the price rare (minimal order time) – 20 min.

Transfers to (from) airport (s)
(the day = the night)



seeing off

Sheremetyevo 1,2

1500 rub.

1300 rub.


1500 rub.

1300 rub.


1500 rub.

1300 rub.


Airport - Airport

Sheremetyevo-1.2 -Domodedovo

2000 rub.

Sheremetyevo-1, 2 - Vnukovo

1700 rub.

Domodedovo - Vnukovo

2000 rub.

Sheremetyevo-1 - Sheremetyevo-2

700 rub.

- Waiting (while meeting)30 minutes – FREE OF CHARGE, thereafter - according to the price rate;
- In case of meeting of several persons who should be taken to different addresses, price rate (for meeting) + payment for travel in Moscow after drop-off of the first passenger shall be valid;
- Client’s refusal of meeting in the airport after a car arrival shall be paid according to 1-hour price rate (according to the price rate);
- Paid parking in the airports shall be paid by the client according to check.

Additional services:

Calling and ordering a car (at Moscow)


Waiting for customer

according to tariff

Meeting the client at the station

rate and 200 rubles

Transportation of bulky luggage in the car

Rate and 200 rubles (per seat)

Carriage of skis in the car

Rate and 200 rubles (per seat)

Transportation of animals
* (subject to availability of transportation for animals)

Rate and 200 rubles

Driving a car in Moscow (minimum order is 2 hours)

1000 rubles per hour and one car at the rate of

Driving a car outside Moscow (minimum order is 2 hours)

1000 rubles per hour, and 30 rubles/km and one car at the rate of

Courier services (documents, gifts, flowers)

rate + 200 rubles (per address)

Service events: weddings, Birthdays and other

on request

Parking in car parks (airport, train station, etc.)

paid by the customer on receipt

If inside of a car has been soiled by the client’s fault, the client shall pay the cost of dry-cleaner's according to the price rates of a company carrying out dry-cleaning of inside of cars.



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